Coaching for Creatives

Hey, I'm Kerry :) a coach for creatives and an artist/illustrator who's low-key *obsessed* with helping fellow creatives like you to reignite your creative spark, make your creative mark, and make the art that's been on your heart. 

I wanna make my art

"I can't stress enough how amazing everything was! I loved Kerry’s dedication. Her support was soooo helpful! She's so reassuring and has a great vibe. I'd absolutely recommend coaching with Kerry!"

Stephanie Griggs
Founder at Studio Griggs 
Former Creative Director at Roald Dahl

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What is creative coaching?

Creative coaching ultimately helps you fulfil your true creative potential.

My sweet spot is in supporting established creatives who've lost their mojo in their career, to recover their true creative call, and make their creative comeback.

So whether you're a designer who wants to be a children's book illustrator, a creative director who wants to write or paint again, or an agency founder who wants to make music, I can help.  

Creative coaching is not only a rare invitation for you to finally be truly honest with yourself about the creative life you want, but it's also the practical support to help you access that life and make sure it happens. So, are you ready for your creative comeback? :)

I'm ready for my comeback!

Your artist toolkit

Creative coaching with me is no ordinary, one-dimensional experience. As a certified coach and hypnosis practitioner (who also has 20+ years experience as a designer and art director, and first-hand experience of manufacturing my own planners since 2017 after raising over £21k on Kickstarter to get my flagship planner made) :) your accompanying coaching tools truly are tried and tested...

L E T   M E   I N T R O D U C E   Y O U   T O

The creative's daily planner

A 90-day planner for artists and creative souls with big creative ambitions

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Who is creative coaching for?

I've helped journalists become bestselling fiction authors, Hollywood movie crew write their own screenplays, creative directors release their own chart-topping music and designers sell-out their first art collection at galleries.

So the 'type' of creatives I coach doesn't fall into a neat lil' niche, but nor do they need to.

Because what they do all have in common, is the fact that they're;

‚úĒ¬†ambitious creatives¬†who are ready to commit to¬†change

‚úĒ¬†go-getter creatives¬†who¬†refuse to settle for mediocre and just 'go through the motions' creatively

‚úĒ¬†determined creatives¬†who desire more satisfaction from their creativity than they're currently getting

‚úĒ¬†high-achieving creatives¬†who want to make their mark with their own art.

If that sounds like you, you and I should probably hang out more :) and by that I mean...

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Ways to work with me

Give yourself your spark back

Where unfulfilled creatives take their art from a pipe-dream they never have time for, to becoming practising artists 

Self-paced course

Gimme my licence

Up-level your creative genius

Tailored, private support for accomplished creatives and creative business owners who want to accelerate their progress

Private 1:1 coaching

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Coaching for creatives

Why work with me?

Because I get it.

I get what it’s like to be an under-pressure creative and art director in the creative industry (when all I actually wanted to be was an artist/illustrator making my own art).

I get what it‚Äôs like to¬†carry the weight¬†and responsibility of building and managing a team as a business owner (while battling ongoing resistance from not wanting to risk ‚Äėfailing‚Äô).

Most importantly though, I get why our minds hold us back from fulfilling our true creative potential (through my experience as a certified, practicing coach, alongside my own lived experience of the same challenge as a creative).

And the best bit?¬†‚Äď I get how we can unlock our minds and creativity too :)

Tell me more about Kerry

My manifesto

I'm rooting for a world where... 

The arts are valued (and funded) as much as the sciences

Pursuing an artist career is viable and encouraged (instead of being a 'pipe dream' to get over)

Kids see a viable path of possibility, purpose and success for themselves in the arts

Capitalism, the patriarchy and white supremacy have been replaced by fair trade and collective liberation

Climate change is reversing

And I get to draw every day :)

If this reads like your manifesto might too, I think we should be pals. 
Come drop me a line and say hi x