Kerry Lyons speaking at MK Geek Night's 43rd event

After having a near *unbearable* public speaking experience in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium about 12 years ago now (it still feels way fresher and raw-er than that tbh!), I never thought I’d be the person who would say, ‘Man, I really enjoy public speaking!’

I can feel I’ve grown A LOT in the last 10 years of self-employment, but this particular area of reflection really is blowing my mind. Because that Aviva experience was THAT traumatic, it put me off for life.

Or so I thought 🙃

The core difference between that speaking experience in 2011, and being the opening speaker of #MKGeekNight’s 43rd (!!!) event this week – was that this time, I not only knew what was I talking about, but I believed in it with my full chest.


And in one way or another, I’ve been unknowingly helping people in that theme since I was a teenager.

In more recent years I’ve been sharing that same message and beating that drum since my Kickstarter campaign birthed my first coaching business in 2017.

My mission feels like it gets clearer year after year and my tenacity gets more and more fired up year after year too, even though in a lot of ways, it feels harder year after year too (because my vision seems to grow bigger and bigger alongside it).

But it’s in moments like speaking at this event, that it all *clicks* and feels fecking amazing.

Because it’s one thing receiving a DM saying my Instagram live hit someone between the eyes, made them feel seen and really helped them move forward 🥹 it’s another thing altogether having that happen in real-life, 4D technicolour human conversations.

So I really want to thank Richard Wiggins and David Hughes for inviting me to speak at such an incredible, long-standing event (what you guys have created is really fecking special) ✨ and reminding me that actually, I DO really enjoy public speaking!

Oh and if you’ve read this far…don’t give up your daydream either. Your creativity is urgent!!!

And I just might be the person you’ve been waiting for to help you do that!